I ask you to get acquainted with business plans of innovation projects of the 7 th technological order in the field of electric power industry (www.neutronscience.com.ua/books/), allowing to abandon hydrocarbon as well as nuclear fuel in the energy sector and take part in their implementation:


1. “Electric reactor based on a chain reaction with thermal capacity of 50 MW – ERCR-50”  to replace nuclear reactors at nuclear power plants, steam boilers at thermal power plants, combined heat and power plants (CHP) and city boiler houses. It will also solve the problem of obtaining fresh water in large volumes by evaporation.


2. “Molecular Generator of Andrus – MGA” . This is a power supply that does not require recharging:
– MGA-3W, 5V for powering gadgets without recharging;
– MGA-20kW, 230V for power supply of apartments and private houses;
– MGA-150kW, 400V as power sources for electric vehicles and other vehicles.


Valeriy Andrus,
scientific director.
BSA Ltd., Ukraine.
Email: valeriy.andrus@gmail.com