“MGA – Andrus Molecular Generator”

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“MGA –  Molecular Generator Andrus”

Article “MGA – Andrus Molecular Generator”.
Hello, dear Mohammad Hossein Ahmadi!
My article “MGA – Andrus Molecular Generator” will be very different from everything you know at the moment.
MGA is a new representative of material electric power ( BUSINESS PLAN of innovative project of the 7th wave of innovation “Molecular Generator of Andrus – MGA”), the solar panel according to new neutron science (NS) (author V. Andrus) also belongs to this category. The new type of electric energy is similar to solar energy, only instead of light the gravitational flow of the Earth is used.
Accordingly, the thin plate of pressed materials is different from the photovoltaic tile of the solar panel and can work around the clock and all year round for many decades. Now let’s briefly review the new scientific insights of the new neutron sciences  (https://neutronscience.com.ua/books/). I will not argue with the official science (OS) and prove anything, but simply state my vision of the structure of the Universe.

The universe consists of two components – positive matter and antimatter, everything else is derived from them. In the Universe, the principles are the same in all parallel worlds. I consider only the first three, as the fourth and further worlds humanity will never be able to study because of the super-small size. According to the Big Bang theory, all the energy of the universe was born from a small volume of matter. This begs the question, what is primary: matter or energy? The next question is, what is energy in general?

“OS” has no answer. “NS” claims energy is light of all kinds, from solar, ultraviolet, X-ray, laser and others, as well as radio and TV signals!
Energy is antimatter, a gram of which does not need to be bought for a trillion dollars, since we live in a world of light! Positive matter is all structures consisting of chemical elements-northern magnetic poles and low-moving except gravitons, and light is velocity structures with southern magnetic poles in front with engines docked from structural units (SU).

“SU” are primary magnet, primary light, primary shock engine, primary antimatter. The electron is a heavy complex ionic molecule, aka light (MASS_OF_A_BODY_–_WHAT_IS_IT) and composed of several to many elements. Therefore, the Andrus generator is molecular. According to NS, the chemical elements are 6- or 8-pointed hedgehogs whose the needles are the light
From which it follows that light is primary and matter is secondary and this disproves the Big Bang theory! Let’s look at the Earth and wonder how many magnetic fields it has? According to OS, she has one magnetic field. By NS, two magnetic fields!

The primary electromagnetic field around the globular electrically conductive magma, which formed a permanent magnet field based on the ferrite in its crust, that is, the standard magnetization of ferrite as in conventional school magnets occurred. Maxwell argued that there are no magnetic carriers and the field lines are virtual, i.e. imaginary.
NS argued: magnetic lines of force are material and real. Where does the magnetic carrier, the graviton, come from? The graviton is born on the surface of solids.

All chemical bonds are magnetic in the element structure, too.
When gas molecules move along the surface of bodies, they collide with free needles of crystal lattices and under the force influence enter into ionic bond with them, i.e. magnetic.
Gas molecules stuck on free lattice needle become electric charge.
The heavy needle rocked by the gas flow disrupts the force equilibrium in the element and, under the action of the engines, the whole element folds into a rocket – a graviton with a tearing out of the lattice, heading with the gravitational flow towards the electrically conducting magma, creating an electromagnetic field.

Gravitational flow is a flow of short magnetic force lines from the gravitons of the Earth’s electromagnetic field, but not permanent, they have similar structures, but the body of the permanent magnet field is more dense and has more chemical bonds. The fields do not interact with each other. There is no interaction between the fields of electromagnets and, for example, neodymium permanent magnets.
The main suppliers of electrons on Earth are radioactive materials in the form of slow electrons with one needle and gravitons after breaking on the lattice of conductors form fast electrons with six needles. In all machine generators current is formed from the flow gravitons in the generator windings. Gravitons flux is also recycled in MGA plates.
Scientific observations of the development of alternative energy sources showed that the creation of generators without moving parts and chemical reactions involves the requirement of new scientific knowledge. Gravitons are formed on the surfaces of bodies from different chemical elements, from which it follows that they are different and there are dozens of species. Electrons are derived from gravitons and consequently there are also dozens of species in mass, size, and charge. A ferromagnetic is a metal with graphite in its lattice, which destroys gravitons with the release of electrons and creates electric ions with gas molecules in the lattice, attracting magnetic force lines of magnets.

V. Andrus