Why do we need Neutron Sciences, if there is Modern Science (MS)?

The company BSA Ltd has developed two innovative projects in the field of clean electricity (see item 16-17 https://neutronscience.com.ua/books/) – “Electric reactor based on a chain reaction with a thermal capacity of 50 MW – ERCR-50” and “Molecular generator of Andrus – MGA” in three types, which differ in their electrical power :

  • MGA-3W, 5V for power supply of gadgets without recharging;
  • MGA-20kW, 230V for power supply of apartments and private houses;
  • MGA-150kW, 400V as power supply sources for electric vehicles and other vehicles, including the ERCR-50.

Investors, when they begin to get acquainted with our business plans, almost immediately stop reading them, which is recorded in their answers. What is happening? One blogger remarkably remarked that modern science is a church that does not allow comprehension of the original scientific material and requires only automatic memorization and faith.  Any other scientific opinion of individuals is automatically discarded and, moreover, is pursued as a heresy by all available means. For example, committees on pseudoscience in all universities.

Let’s try to see if modern science is lying or not lying?

All people on the planet, starting from kindergarten, are taught to think that science is infallible, and matter consists of atoms in the form of a nucleus with electrons, although this is not proven in terms of critical thinking, and the experience of Rutherford is misinterpreted. Children grow up, and if they try to Express a different opinion, then they immediately have an internal protest, and we get the result described above. Why do children need such knowledge when they do not have critical thinking? This is done so that the Science Department would not be critically evaluated, and it would be uncontrolled. This state of Affairs allows scientists to extract huge money from the budgets of countries and ensure a comfortable life. Let’s considered example:

  1. Thermonuclear fusion power plant with multibillion investments – it is the result of 50 years of “zero”, and in the next 50 years will still be “zero”. And this is due to misconceptions about the structure of atoms in the form of a nucleus with electrons. See below for explanations.
  2. Gravity and the European Collider. Here are also multibillion of dollars in funding. The result is zero, although those who spent money are trying to prove the opposite and get even more funding. One American scientist openly stated that he would be ready to give a scientific result with your wishes subject to the financing of his “scientific” activities. Scientific plagiarism and deception of the public has reached unprecedented proportions, as noted in the scientific media. Space checks of gravity by probes on asteroids by Americans and Japanese in the past failed. Mass does not want to attract mass, although everything corresponded to scientific calculations. This supposedly fundamental question is of great concern to scientists, since it is obvious that it is not so according to the results of magnetic and gravitational studies on the Moon, where magnetic fields and gravity are different, that science cannot explain. You can also recall and earthly anomalies with gravity, for example, unnatural the rise of automobiles in the mountain, etc. According to MS, this may not be, but there are facts. To prove that the mass still attracts the mass, the Japanese sent a probe Hayabusa-2, which released on the asteroid 162173 Ryugu two jumping research rover (“Газета.Ru”. Department “Science” 21.09.2018, 06: 37). The cunning Japanese chose an asteroid with a mass greater than the calculated just in case and immediately warned that there is weak gravity. However, there is a mass at the asteroid, and the result should be unambiguous. It’s been 20 days, and the winning messages yet.
  3. Everyone habitually, without thinking, speak about generating capacity and generators of electric energy in textbooks, on TV and mass media. However, science can not to explain this phenomenon. It suggests that the theory is very far behind practice. What’s wrong? Previously, science explained that the consumed electrons in TVs, heating devices, etc. are taken from the free electrons of the copper windings of electric generators. From this it follows that the power of electric generators should gradually decrease, since there are no new electrons in this case. The result of this explanation: the consumption of electrons from the electrical network is, and the inflow into the electrical network is not. To eliminate this absurd discrepancy, they came up with another explanation: the transmission of electricity is a wave process in which there is no loss of electrons, and the generator creates a wave process. However, there are the facts of loss of electrons from the electric network, and the question of their receipt in the network hangs heavy in the air.

As you can see, there are many fundamental questions on the structure of matter and phenomena to which there are no answers. From what it follows that nothing can be taken on faith and it is necessary to include your own brain. The author of the Neutron Sciences did just that.

Now let’s try to give answers to the above examples from the point of view of Neutron Sciences (NS).

  1. Thermonuclear fusion.

The first thing you need to answer – what form is a chemical element?

Suppose that science is wrong, and there are no the chemical elements in the form of a nucleus with electrons in nature. Remember the lessons at school and the demonstration of molecules in the form of balls, connected by springs – they say that this is a conditional connection. And now try to imagine a crystal lattice of metals from balls-atoms, which should be pressed tightly to each other even with some overlap of the orbitals of electrons, allegedly providing their chemical bond. And now let’s pass through this lattice a large current and it will blow all the electrons in its path – the metal will evaporate even at an allowed current for this conductor. As you can see, our suspicions are not unfounded.

In NS the chemical element has the form of either a simple six-pointed “hedgehog”, or an eight-pointed radioactive” hedgehog”, which can lose part of its needles (see Fig.1).

а). Quad-based six-pointed ‘hedgehog’ –

simple sodium (Na)

b). Quad-based eight-pointed ‘hedgehog’ –

radioactive sodium (Na)


All chemical bonds inside the needles, of the whole «hedgehog “and between the” hedgehogs” -– are magnetic by the type of magnetic” Velcro fasteners” (see Fig.2). Moreover, the magnetic field lines (MFL) in the “Velcro” between the “hedgehogs” can slide relative to each other, both in passing and in opposite directions. From the chemical element it can be seen that MFL, fixed in the needles of “hedgehogs” with Velcro, rotate and as drive belts set in motion neutrons. Themselves magnets of the needles of the “hedgehogs” are permanent magnets.

The top needle symbolically is not shown

1 – cross-linking points of parallel MFLs

2 – delinking points of parallel MFLs

Fig.2. Magnetic clasps – ‘Velcro fastener’

Consequently, the MFL of the Earth also revolve around the conductors of hot magma, acting as spherical electric coils, and are fixed in the ferritic materials of the Earth, i.e. in the domains – voids of crystal lattices, where there is the chemical bond “Velcro” of beams of MFLs.

Now remember from the textbooks the profile of the earth’s magnetic field, flattened from the Sun and stretched from the back side. Realizing that MFLs are fixed, imagine what would happen with a smooth rotation without star gravity. It follows from the above that the MSLs of the Earth is constantly deformed during its rotation and partially destroyed into positive gravitons and short chains of them, which rush to the conductors from the hot magma of the spherical coil, creating a gravitational flow that magnetically interacts with the crystal lattices of substances.

Fig. 3

It should be noted that MFL of permanent magnets have between them local chemical bonds in the form of “Velcro”, whereby all MFLs of magnets are like a “single body” (remember cotton candy wound on a stick, a wand is a magnet, cotton candy is MFL, and all together – a single body). When exposed to external forces magnetic “Velcro” can jump from place to place. Due to the presence of” Velcro” MFLs of permanent magnets has a view different from the drawings in the textbooks of physics in the form of parallel lines. In fact, at visualization of MFL with iron filings, we observe image, similar to a skein of yarn with tangled threads with maintaining the overall direction (see Fig. 3).

If at the thermonuclear fusion unit to carry out the planned experiments, that in collision of some “hedgehogs” with other “hedgehogs” we will be obtained molecules, or “hedgehogs” will be destroyed. There will be no especial energy release, which is confirmed by 50 years of failures.

Crystal lattice of chemical elements – “hedgehogs” have a completely normal, familiar appearance of the lattices. Crystal lattices have gas atmospheres inside them, the same as around them with the same pressure at long-term contact of atmospheres.

  1. Gravitation.

In paragraph 1 it has already been said that gravity is the flow of gravitons and pieces of MFL of the Earth through the crystal lattice of substances. Themselves the crystal lattices of substances formed also on the magnetic bonds of the “Velcro” of the permanent magnets of the needles of the “hedgehogs”, which interact with gravitons and short chains of MFL who push them in the direction of its movement. The sizes of needles-magnets of chemical elements determine the force of their interaction with the flow. From this it follows a direct connection of magnetic fields with gravity. From this point of view, anomalies on the moon – it is absolutely normal, if we also take into account that all the planets are hollow and the Moon as well. In the mountains there are shallow underground rivers, which often flow with acceleration on inclined planes parallel to the slopes of the mountains. In a thin layer of water on the surface of the flow velocity is maximum, and at the bottom the velocity is zero. Due to this sharp drop in velocity, the chains of gravitational flow unfold in a thin layer of water and are directed along the slope upwards against the movement of water. In the same direction they will push bodies and fluid. As a result we have the facts of the abnormal movement of the uphill transport with the engine off, the abnormal growth of trees with curved trunks, the anomalous position of plumb lines and levels etc. But from the standpoint of NS this anomaly received a reasonable explanation.

  1. Electric power generation.

Graviton (see Fig.4) consists of two parts – α– and γ-particles. α-particle is a slow electron with a possible velocity of 0.1÷0.3 “c”. From where else can the electrons appear in any substance? Here it is necessary to answer the main question – in the table of chemical elements D. I. Mendelev really are chemical elements or something else?

Let’s look at everyone’s favorite metal, GOLD.

  1. Why is it yellow?
  2. Why is it soft?
  3. Why from it is possible to make the thinnest foil?

MS has no answers. GOLD is produced in volcanoes, where white metal with a length of needles of gold is purged by sulfur gases, as a result of which they magnetically stick to the needles of pure metal with the help of “Velcro”. This is not a molecule, but a chemical element in the “shirt” of small chemical elements, in this case – of sulfur (armor like a knight), dressed on the needles of a chemical element in one, two or more layers, which, in turn, can have their shirts. “Shirts “have the form of “hedgehogs”.

If you to the sulfur “shirt” GOLD add to the needles of sulfur “shirt” of red phosphorus, we get high carat red GOLD. If you add white phosphorus, you get white GOLD. If we add black phosphorus, we get black GOLD. Do not confuse with color alloys!


Fig. 4. The formation of the graviton
Fig.5. Galvanic cell type

 “Baghdad battery”

A chemical element in one or more “shirts” is a chemical body. In D. I. Mendeleev’s table there are mainly chemical bodies with various properties. If the chemical elements did not have “shirts”, then there would be no special variety of their properties.

The needle in the “shirt” is α-particle, or slow electron. Almost all chemical bodies are electric “mines”, after the fault of which we obtain several slow electrons – α-particles, a maximum of eight in the number of needles in a radioactive chemical element. Now look at the γ-particle – it is a package of 5-7 α-particles – slow electrons.

Let’s look at an ancient galvanic cell in the form of a clay jug with a copper tube and an iron rod, poured, for example, with hydrochloric acid HCl (see Fig. 5). Where do electrons and electricity come from?

The acid molecule consists of the simple chemical elements – hydrogen and chlorine, and they do not have “shirts”, i.e. it cannot give electrons.

Copper has a base “shirt” of carbon, which in turn has a “shirt” of red phosphorus. Hence the red color and high ductility, but weaker than GOLD, because sulfur is larger than carbon and has more flexible needles.

Iron has a “shirt” of carbon, which, in turn, has a “shirt” of oxygen and nitrogen, i.e. air.

Gold, copper, iron are soft, because they have the ability to move from chemical bonds of chemical elements to chemical bonds of elements of “shirts”. Due to the fact that gold has basic “shirt” of sulfur – the largest element for the “shirts”, which holds the longest chemical bonds between the “shirts”, you can get the thinnest foil. Iron and copper needles are fixed electrons like the horns of a naval mine. In hydrochloric acid, the destroyer is the rotating radioactive chemical chlorine in tandem with hydrogen. This tandem wedges between the “shirts” of needles of chemical bodies and breaks them like a wedge into electrons. Red phosphorus has a needle length of 10 SU (structural units), oxygen – 6 SU, and chlorine – 8 SU. Chlorine easier wedges out a chemical body through oxygen, i.e. iron, which will produce electrons. The latter are directed to copper as a powerful grounding, and if you close the circuit, the current will go from copper to iron.

Summing up.

  1. Electrons can be obtained from chemical bodies and gravitons.
  2. The generation of electricity in machine power generators is the capture of the chains of the MFL of gravitational flow by electric current in the windings, which become the magnetic field of this current and restore the power of the generator. This is clearly seen in the experiment with a long permanent magnet and a free conductor, which, after the DC supply, is instantly wound on the magnet. In the generator there is a reverse process, as described above – this is the generation. Ring MFL of windings are pressed into the conductors, breaking into α – and γ-particles, which in the magnetic tube of the conductor move in one direction. γ-packet has a velocity “C”, and α-particle – 0,1÷0,3″ C”, it catches up with α-particle, docks with it, and in the end we get a full electron. New electrons replenish the electrical network.


We’ve a bit enlightened you. Now it’s up to you whether modern science is lying or not.

Valery Andrus