Discussion of the article “Antimatter and Dark Matter”.

Discussion of the article “Antimatter and Dark Matter”.

Article (https://www.academia.edu/40922864/Antimatter_and_Dark_Matter?email_work_card=view-paper). The author of the article is George Rajna, Theoretical Physics Researcher. Address: Herzelya, Tel Aviv, Israel.


Dear Academy!

From the standpoint of the Neutron Sciences (NS) it is extremely boring to read the proposed delusional materials. Our Universe is magnetic and the chemical elements in it are also magnetic and look like 6 and 8-terminal hedgehogs, which are conditional northern monopoles (https://neutronscience.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/The-ABC-of-matter-briefly..pdf). All matter of the Universe consists of them and is “positive matter”. Light is not photons, but needles of chemical elements with their shock-type engines and south poles in front, as well as alpha, gamma radiation, radio and television signals, laser light, electrons – this is “antimatter” that official science is looking for and cannot find and we live in it. Remember your wallpaper, pictures that burn out under the action of light – this is the process of annihilation when a high-speed needle of light with a south pole is attracted to motionless needles with north poles of solid bodies and destroys them due to impact, and they in turn produce again needles of light that become reflected light. The needles of our light are formed on the basis of neutrons of the 1-parallel world, the needles of light of the 2-parallel world are formed on the basis of neutrinos, and so on. The formulation of what is generally energy – “Energy is antimatter, that is, light or something that moves fast enough on the basis of the same light.” Dark energy is the light of a 2-parallel world. At one point in space, all parallel worlds are located at the same time, and not somewhere nearby, and in order to get into them, you must go through the portal. Everything in the Universe is built on the same principles, from which it follows that all parallel worlds are arranged in the same way. The only difference is in the basic carriers – neutron, neutrino, superneutrino and so on.

Valery Andrus.