Discussion of Mark A Bartholomew’s paper “Physics & Foundation of Mathematics”.

Discussion of Mark A Bartholomew’s paper “Physics & Foundation of Mathematics”.




Dear Academy!

Although we are talking about new physics and mathematics, atoms, chemical bonds and practically everything else remain old. You know that I am the author of new fundamental neutron sciences (physics, chemistry, astrophysics) https://neutronscience.com.ua/books/  and I can’t calmly look at the medieval savagery of modern universities.


Suffice it to say that atoms in the form of nuclei with electrons have never existed in nature and do not exist. I will give an illustrative example. Imagine mentally an electrical circuit consisting of a machine DC generator, two short wires and a light bulb operating in a stable mode – the generator is running, the light bulb is lit.


The generator has two terminals of high and low potentials and the current moves from the first to the second. Let’s assume that the current is the flow of electrons according to the old concepts of official science (hereinafter referred to as OS) and it enters the current-magnetic field system. And so, the current moved from a high potential to a low one, while the current is constant and, as it were, has no changes and cannot perform any work – this is an electrical component that can only serve as a conveyor for a magnetic component.


From what has been said, the conclusion follows that light and heat are produced by the magnetic component, and it also raises the temperature. We recall the scientific idol Maxwell and his statements on which OS lives, that there are no magnetic carriers in nature, and magnetic lines of force (hereinafter referred to as MLF) are virtual, that is, not material and cannot be transformed into material light, electrons cannot. As you can see, dead end!!!


There are results of the chain operation, but there are no reasons for this according to OS. This is where the idea of \u200b\u200bthe structure of matter from atoms dies, which is not able to explain the work of a piece of an electrical circuit. Let’s consider the same situation from the standpoint of neutron sciences https://neutronscience.com.ua/books/   (hereinafter referred to as NS). Everything in the Universe is built on magnetic interactions and common principles.


According to NS, chemical elements are 6 and 8-pointed hedgehogs with different lengths of needles, which consist of structural units (hereinafter referred to as SU), which are primary shock-type magnets-motors. https://neutronscience.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/The-ABC-of-matter-briefly..pdf.

The thrust force of these engines in the needles is summed up. All forces of the needles are directed towards the center of the element and have south magnetic poles in front, and the ends of the needles have north poles.


All chemical bonds in an element are magnetic. Thus, the element is a conditional northern monopole and, accordingly, all matter in the Universe is a surface with northern magnetic poles and belongs to the category of positive, as is commonly believed. Positive matter forms gravitons on its surfaces – they are also positive, but they can reach the speed of light, and the rest of the matter is inactive. The formation of gravitons occurs when gas molecules move along the surfaces of bodies and they are magnetized to free needles and make them heavy, which leads to a violation of the force balance in the elements during their vertical swings and pulling them out of the lattices of bodies.


In this case, the base element, due to magnetic bonds, is folded into a rocket consisting of a gamma package (5 needles) and in front of the needle – an electric charge of gas molecules. From what has been said, it follows that the graviton carries an electric charge and is an electron transformer. Note that positive matter is the progenitor of everything in the Universe.


In addition to positive matter, there is antimatter in the Universe – this is the light of all kinds, mainly needles of elements, radio and television signals, electrons, and so on. As we see gravitons and, accordingly, electrons, there are dozens of types. Antimatter is the speed component of the Universe.


For carriers of antimatter, the south magnetic pole is in front.


When needles of matter and antimatter collide, they are destroyed and the element into needles – these are needles of reflected light, that is, annihilation. We return to our electrical circuit.


From a high potential, a stream of electrons comes out in the form of complex heavy ionic molecules of dozens of elements and moves along a conductor with almost zero resistance, and in front of it is a spiral with a resistance of hundreds of ohms – it looks like a car track along which a racing car rushes and a concrete river dam awaits in front of it. Upon impact, the car will collapse, the same thing happens with electrons, which decay into needles-light. There is a temperature jump. OS has no definition of what temperature and heat are.


According to NS, temperature is the density of antimatter in the volume under study, heat is the process of changing temperature, that is, the process of changing the density of antimatter in the volume under study. And so all the electrons became light – the current disappeared. Behind the spiral, the magnetic field practically disappeared, but a current of the original magnitude appeared. How did it happen?


Material MLFs from gravitons with engines compress the current, and when it decreases, they are pressed into the conductor and break at a weak point between the gamma packet and the charge. Getting into the conductor-magnetic tube, they turn in one direction. The speed of the charge, that is, one needle is 5 times less than the speed of the gamma-packet, which quickly catch up with them and join with them into a full-fledged electron. The current has recovered, but what about the potential? In the OS worldview there are no structures capable of restoring the magnetic field. In NS, such a structure is MFL pieces from the gravitons of the Earth’s gravitational flow, which are captured by the bare current of the generator windings – this is current generation.


From this material it is clear that Official Science is a scientific corpse!


Valery Andrus