“A New Look at the Structure of the Universe”

The new view is based on the new fundamentals of  Neutron Sciences (NS): Neutron Physics, Neutron Chemistry, and Neutron Astrophysics (https://neutronscience.com.ua/books/).

Let’s start with the question: is the universe finite or infinite?

Let’s say the universe is finite-then what is beyond it? It is more likely and correct that it is infinite.

According to NS, we live in parallel worlds, built according to the same principles, not constants. The universe consists of two components: positive matter and antimatter. Everything else is derived from them. Positive matter is all matter consisting of chemical elements in the form of 6 and 8 terminal hedgehogs whose needles are light






and consist of structural units (SU) containing 4 or 5 neutrons. Each SU is a primary magnet, primary light, primary shock engine, and primary antimatter. In needles, the SUs are summed up. Depending on the number of SUs, the speed of light is different. Positive matter is slow-moving and this is the realm of the north magnetic poles of hedgehog needles.

Antimatter is a fast-moving structure with south magnetic poles in front. Light is all structures with south poles in front, including the electron and radio signals. Chemical elements are built from SU, i.e. light, which implies that light is primary and positive matter is secondary. The Big Bang theory assumes that matter is primary and this is wrong, i.e. it is not true. According to NS, antimatter is light of all kinds: solar, laser, X-ray, electric, etc. We live in a world of light, i.e. antimatter, and spending trillions of dollars to obtain one gram of this substance makes no sense.

When the north pole of a chemical element needle collides with the south pole of a light needle their structures are annihilated (destroyed) and reflected light appears in the form of needles and SU in a greater quantity than one destructive light needle. For example, the burning out of wallpaper in sunlight.

All connections in the universe and chemical elements are magnetic. In all parallel worlds, they are fundamentally the same, but on different carriers. In our 1st world, the neutrons, of which the SU are composed, are the largest and have a diameter of 0.71 picometers ( 0.71* 10-12m) . The 2nd world is based on neutrinos. The number of neutrinos in a neutron is about 300 pieces. The neutrino also contains about 300 pcs of 3rd world super neutrinos. It follows from the above that there are no atoms in the form of nuclei with electrons in the nature and there never has been one.

The existence of parallel worlds indicates that the Universe, creating all new worlds, increased their size of the basic carriers. If we move in the opposite direction we will come to an absolutely empty infinite space filled with virtual matter and antimatter, to put it simply, to the original primary matrix of the Universe, playing the role of “God” from the human point of view.

Galaxies and stars are born from the dust remnants of previous worlds in black and white holes, the most rarefied zones of space without stars and with stars, where the matter in this area of all worlds flows down. In a black hole, stars are nucleated from incoming material by coronal glow and lightning, and the hole passes into the category of a white hole, which is the mother of stars.

As stars grow, while they absorb material from the surrounding space, they stay in the hole, and when they begin to lose material and begin to glow on their own, they are pushed out of the holes into the arms of galaxies. Light does not escape from the holes, because the electrical ionization of materials is directed through the lightning and coronary glow to the star embryos-it is such a unidirectional electrical circuit in which the star embryos are the Earth.

The hole is the result of the collision and explosion of galaxies of the previous world. The size of the base carriers is determined by the temperature of the stars of the given world. On subsequent worlds, the temperature of the stars increases.

Our world is the limit of evolution of the Universe and further there will be only temperature fluctuations as a result of collision and destruction of galaxies.

Science does not answer the question: What is energy in the general case? The NS states: energy is light of all kinds! When the heated and glowing body of the future star is pushed by the light force of other embryos out of the hole into the cold surrounding cloud, the star is born in it. In the cloud, the incandescent body of the embryo is covered by a crust of surrounding materials, like a walnut shell.

Light, reflecting off the crust, again falls on the nucleus and heats its surface to the maximum possible temperature, i.e. to the temperature of magma, which begins to flow to the equator of the rotating body due to centrifugal forces.

Having two temperature zones – hot and cold – the magma films are twisted into filament tubes, which are also torn from the nucleus surface by centrifugal force with one end and, supporting each other, become almost perpendicular to its surface.

All the thread-tubes are arranged parallel to the equatorial plane. When the tubes-strings are rotated, a higher rarefaction is formed in them than in the surroundings and the heated gases are sucked inside the tubes and the latter collide, giving rise to shock waves.

Shock waves are films in which chain reactions occur. Shockwaves, devouring gases in front of them, move to the exit from the tubes-threads, creating a vacuum behind them, into which the heated gases are pulled again and give birth to the next shockwave, and this happens all the time.

As a result of birth of shock waves at the expense of light in the vacuum zone behind them the nucleus surface is constantly heated. The shock wave after leaving the thread-tube diverges perpendicularly to it, and the vacuum zone behind it “bites off” a piece from the end of the tube.

The tubes are constantly growing in length. New light from the filament tubes heats up the vapor-gas mixture under the crust, constantly raising the pressure. After the pressure reaches a critical point there is an explosion – this is the birth of a “supernova” and the embryo has become a star with its own mechanism for producing light, i.e. energy.

The explosion pulls the crust (a viscous substance) to the equator line, forming a ring of ice, dust, and pieces of shell matter around the star. Partially liquid films in this ring, rotating, form spherical bodies – future planets. Thus, all spherical planets are hollow. Gradually they cool down, absorbing into their films all the materials they encounter in space.

According to NS all chemical elements, starting from hydrogen, can grow to the largest ones. The prerequisite is a uniform flow of SU, in which the elements grow. Each element can have 28 isotopes, passing through the stages of gases, liquids and coming to the solid stage, at which this element finishes its formation.

It follows from the above that chemical elements are formed in the crust of spherical bodies – planets, and the mass of the latter grows for all reasons. With appearance of sufficient amount of materials such as deposits of copper, iron, aluminum ores, etc. in the crust of planets, an electric current appears when the magnetic field of the star crosses them, which heats up all materials and electrically conductive magma appears with its electromagnetic field, which magnetizes ferromagnetic materials that create the magnetic field of the planet’s permanent magnet.

Thus, we got two magnetic fields at the planets. These magnetic fields do not interact with each other. The permanent magnet field associated with ferromagnetics pushes the electromagnetic field out of its field and the latter is larger than the volume of the permanent magnet. At this point, the planets have no gravity.

The electromagnetic field is constantly deformed by the stellar wind and partially destroyed, with pieces of magnetic field lines (MFL) rushing to the electromagnetic magma, creating a gravitational flow, which is the beginning of gravity.

The MFL consists of gravitons, which are born on the surface of solids when any gases flow around them


Gravitation is not the attraction of masses to each other, but the “pressing” of positive masses by positive gravitons as a result of mutual repulsion. Gravitational flow is the flow of “ether” as graviton is a carrier of gravitation, magnetism and electric charge carrier.

What is an electric charge? Electric charge is energy, i.e. light! Light is the needles of the chemical elements.

The chemical element, a hedgehog with 6 needles, is completely similar to the Cartesian coordinate system. Putting such hedgehogs together we get a crystal lattice of solids which has all needles free on the surface.

When gas molecules stream around surfaces of bodies, the latter collide with free lattice needles, overcoming magnetic repulsion of northern magnetic poles of the needles enter into ionic bonding, i.e. magnetic. Needles with gas molecules are electric charge, which will produce light-energy in future when collapsed.

Electric charges, which are heavy compared to other hedgehog needles, swinging upset the force equilibrium between the hedgehog needles, which leads to tearing the elements out of the lattices with the five needles folded into a single magnet with magnetic bonds, and we get gravitons with north magnetic poles on all sides.

The speed of gravitons is different because different chemical elements produce them. They also have different masses and carry different electric charges. Gravitons are of dozens kinds and they, joining in chains, form the MFL, which becomes the magnetic field of conductors; when the latter are pressed into a conductor, they break at the weak point – the junction of the south poles into an electric charge and a packet of five needles of light – a gamma-packet. The electric charge is a slow electron with five times the speed of the gamma packet (gamma light).

Once in a conductor with a magnetic tube, the charge and the packet go in the same direction and the packet quickly catches up with the charge, there is a strong magnetic interaction of the different poles and we get a standard electron structure. Electrons also get dozens of kinds with different velocities, masses, charges.

Thus, graviton and electron are complex, heavy ionic molecules, not particles! For this reason, the graviton, a carrier of the ether, cannot be at the beginning of D. Mendeleev’s table, as he suggested.

Let’s check our assertions with a simple example. We have an electrical circuit of a direct current generator and a light bulb, connected by short wires. The circuit works steadily and the bulb lights up. Let’s denote by point 1 the high potential (plus of the generator), by point 2 the input to the bulb, by point 3 the output from it, by point 4 the low potential (minus of the generator).

From the point of view of official science, if there is no change in a stable system, no work is done in it. In our circuit, the current is constant – no work is done! Maybe it serves as a transporter of the magnetic field?

According to Maxwell, there are no magnetic carriers in nature, and the MFL are virtual, i.e., imaginary lines that cannot produce anything material. It follows that according to the official science, such a circuit cannot lead to the glow of a light bulb. The fact of glow is, and science says that it can not be. However, it is impossible to argue with the fact!

Let’s consider the same circuit from the point of view of the NS. The magnetic carriers are gravitons, aka ether carriers; we have electrons-molecules as well.

From the terminal (point 1) the molecular current comes out with a magnetic field and rushes to point 2 (the bulb inlet); its speed is close to the speed of light because of the very small electrical resistance of the wire and it bumps into the huge resistance of the bulb spiral-it is like a race car hitting a concrete dam, which leads to abrupt braking and squeezing out of the spiral the broken charges as needles of light, gamma-light and electrons. Passing through the helix the current is almost completely destroyed and it is restored by the current squeezed into the conductor by the magnetic field, as a result of which the potential becomes low. Thus, the potential difference is a voltage in the form of different magnetic fields. Let’s return to the light bulb, as here there is glow, temperature rise and heat (energy) release.

We are familiar with the carriers of light-needles, gamma rays, and electrons. As we can see, the most powerful carrier of light is the electron-molecule!

What temperature is, science does not know, although it has created several temperature scales. NS states that temperature is the density of antimatter (light-energy) in the volume under study. Heat is the process of changing the temperature in the studied volume, i.e. the process of changing the density of antimatter. The current entered point 4, i.e. the generator, and here the magnetic field increases to a high potential due to catching of the gravitational (etheric) flux by the MFL. A simple example showed which scientific view is more productive.

Let’s return to the planets. The fact that they are hollow is already clear. There is an atmosphere with a pressure of 1.1-1.2 relative to the outer pressure and gravity, and, accordingly, the inner crust of the planets of mountains, rivers, and seas. Only the stars are missing.

To summarize:

  1. The universe consists of positive matter and antimatter. Everything else is derived from them.
  2. The universes of parallel worlds are built on the same principles, but on their own basic carriers.
  3. the black and white holes in the center of galaxy explosions are the mothers of stars and galaxies.
  4. Planets are spherical and hollow and have two magnetic fields–permanent and electromagnetic.
  5. Gravity is the flow of short chains of MFL from gravitons (ether).
  6. Chemical elements are not atoms in the form of nuclei with electrons, but 6- and 8-terminal hedgehogs with needles of light (link).
  7. Electric current is a molecular current, and the electron is a complex, heavy ionic molecule of many gas molecules in the form of a rocket for space travel.


To be continued.

Revealed: the secret of body mass, the secret of the ebbs and flows of the seas and oceans, the secret of increasing the volume of ice, etc.

Valery Andrus.

May 05, 2023.