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V. F. Andrus ( 07.05.2023).
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Topic: The mystery of mass is solved!

The official science based on the atom as a nucleus with electrons cannot explain what mass is.  According to its ideas, mass is a quantity and then a whole range of different kinds of contrivances. In ancient times, there was for a long time the idea of mass as the amount of matter in the volume under study. This approach was correct, but due to ignorance of what a chemical element was, it was impossible to say anything specific about it. Neutron Science (NS) states that chemical elements in the form of atoms do not exist in nature! A chemical element according to the NO is a 6 or 8 finite urchins with different length of needles and with different structural units (CE), having 4 or 5 neutrons.


Neutron diameter is 0.71 picometer ( 0.71* 10 -12m), mass is 1.5871* 10 -37kg. The number of neutrons ( amount of matter) in the volume under study, multiplied by the neutron mass, defines the mass of the matter. Antimatter consists of light needles and neutrons in the same way as chemical elements do. The presence of light in water, for example, indicates that the mass of water becomes greater than during the absence of light. Thus, depending on the light, the mass of water changes. Its density also changes, and so does its behavior. Previously, light was not accounted for in the mass of materials.

The mass of a body according to the MH is the number of neutrons of positive matter (the amount of matter) and antimatter-light in the volume under study.

Why is antimatter-light included in the mass of the body? All bodies have heating, thermal carriers of light-energy, to a temperature of minus 273 0 C ( degrees Celsius) – absolute zero. At a temperature above zero the body already has thermal carriers and in fact – it is a thermal short-pulse ionization, as light jumps continuously from one chemical bond to another, not being able to stably catch on it because of the work of engines and partial rotational motions of the needles of chemical bonds, which leads to a breakdown of magnetic bonds.

Topic: The mystery of the tides of the seas and oceans has been solved!

Today everyone believes that the tides of the seas and oceans are influenced by the moon. HH believes that this is absolutely wrong.

The moon is a coinciding factor with the tides. The tides of the seas and oceans in small areas often vary in level and time, and no one can explain it, since the Moon’s influence must be global. No one has ever considered light to be a serious mass (it cannot be obtained from photons), but as HH has determined – the mass of water varies significantly depending on the light. The pressure on 1 m2 of the sea is 10.000kg at atmospheric pressure of 1kg per cm2. From what has been said, we can conclude that light changes the density of water, and gravitation ( pressure by etheric flow) provides the tides of the seas and oceans. This approach explains why there are different levels and times of tides in small regions – it all depends on the illumination in the area.  The pressure by the etheric flow of chemical elements and antimatter changes in the studied volume as a result of changes in the mass of water. In the absence of light, the mass of water decreases and its level rises-this is the tide, and an increase in the mass of water with an increase in light leads to a decrease in the water level-that is, the tide. The combined effect of light and gravitation provides the phenomenon of tides in the seas and oceans.

Topic : The mystery of ice volume increase is solved!

From the above, it is almost clear what is the cause of the increase in the volume of ice – it is again the joint action of light and gravity.  There may be a question: what does light have to do with it? The point is that thermal carriers (antimatter) in water are the same needles of light, i.e. energy. Reduction of light carriers (energy) in water leads to reduction of its density and growth of its volume as a result of reduction of objects affected by ether flow, i.e. gravitational flow.

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