Letter to the Academy with the addition.

Dear Academy (Academia.edu)!

In nature, there are no atoms in the form of nuclei with electrons and, accordingly, there are no protons, from which it follows that there is no subject for discussion.

Let’s mentally look at a simple electrical circuit – a DC generator, a light bulb and two wires.

Naturally, we will talk about electrical energy and here is the first surprise – world science does not know what energy is and does not have its general definition of the type: “Energy is ….”.

Further we will focus on the generation of electric current, and here also the world science does not have an exact definition: “Generation of electric current is …”.

We assume that in our electrical circuit the generator is working and the light is on in a stable mode, and we have a high potential at the output terminal of the generator, and low at the input terminal.

We start mentally moving along a chain from a high potential to a light bulb and, relying on common sense and school education, we see that direct current (particles or is it a wave?) By definition does not change and, most likely, is a transporter of something?

We know for sure that electric current is an electromagnetic system and it follows that the current transports a magnetic component.

However, Maxwell planted an unpleasant surprise for world science, stating that magnetic field lines (MFL) are virtual, that is, imaginary.

Consequently, the current caNSot transport what is not in the material plane. We reached a dead end from the standpoint of world science.

From the point of view of neutron sciences, MFLs are formed from chains of gravitons, and electrons are their transformers.

Found a material magnetic component and it is a high potential at constant current, which disappears immediately after the spiral of the light bulb.

Where did the magnetic component disappear? Turned into light? Naturally – no, since imaginary MFLs cannot become material carriers of light.

Electrons – particles also cannot become photons – again a dead end. In neutron sciences (NS), electrons are transformers of gravitons, consisting of gamma packets (particles) and alpha particles (electric charges, they are also slow electrons) in the form of rockets (https://neutronscience.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/MASS_OF_A_BODY_%E2%80%93_WHAT_IS_IT.pdf).

Gamma and alpha particles are light and antimatter at the same time.

We look at the electrical circuit and see that it is a section with different resistances equal to zero in the wires and a huge resistance in the spiral.

For fast electrons, a spiral is like a concrete wall for racers and they break down on needles (light), alpha and gamma particles (light) and partly leave in the form of electrons (light).

Consequently, all the current turned into light, but where did the MFL disappear to? Let’s pay attention to the high temperature of the spiral and the heat from the light bulb.

World science has no definition of what temperature is, although it has several scales for measuring it. The NS temperature is the density of antimatter in the studied volume. There is no precise definition of heat either. According to NS, heat is a process of temperature change in the studied volume. Let us recall the formula for heat from thermodynamics – it is equal to mass multiplied by the heat capacity (c) and the temperature difference.

Let us imagine mass as the product of volume and density, then the heat capacity is the internal free volume in which the maximum temperature can be. The MFL rings tend to contract due to the presence of motors and when the current disappears, they are pressed into the conductor lattice, breaking the gravitons into alpha and gamma particles, which have south poles in front and are directed in one direction along the weakly magnetic conductor pipe.

The speed of a gamma particle is 5 times the speed of an alpha particle, and it instantly docks to it, creating a normal transformer electron. Thus, MFLs completely disappear, restoring the current.

The current came to the generator for the high potential magnetic component, but there is no such structure in the picture of the World of official science. Dead end!!! No, there are neutron sciences and a gravitational flow in the form of pieces of MFL, which restores the magnetic component of the high potential in the generator.

Generation of electric current is the constant maintenance of a high potential (voltage) at a given level. From the above, it clearly follows that there are no atoms in the form of nuclei with electrons in nature, and gravity is not the attraction of masses to each other, but gravitational flows of pieces of MFL of active masses, pressing positive matter to planets and stars. Thus, world science, constantly creating scientific idols, for example Maxwell and others, led itself and all of humanity into deep ignorance.

From the above the question arises: “Is it possible to obtain electricity directly from the gravitational flow without any intermediate operations?”.  Since in generators the high potential magnetic component is restored with pieces of magnetic field lines (MFL) of the gravitational flow, it is necessary to carry out work on the perpendicular intersection of the windings with the current of the magnetic field lines of the magnetic system of the machine.

Let us recall a horseshoe-shaped permanent magnet that pushes a conductor with a current – this is the work of returning the conductor to its original state in the generator with cutting the electric current.

A machine generator cannot be replaced with anything more advanced for over 100 years, so that it also provides electricity around the clock throughout the year.

With the help of neutron sciences, it was possible to solve this problem. The MGA (Andrus Molecular Generator) appeared – this is the theoretical limit of the direct generation of electricity from a gravitational flow without intermediate stages. Nothing fundamentally better will be created in this century, i.e. he will repeat the history of the machine generator. MGA is a plate of multicomponent materials with an area of ​​240 cm2. Photovoltaic plates of solar panels of Chinese and Russian production with dimensions of 1.5 * 1 meter and a mass of 20 kg also have such an area. MGA works around the clock and all year round for an average of 10-20 years. MGA, due to the properties of its materials, as well as a machine generator, captures the MFL  (magnetic field lines ) of the gravitational flow passing through it, which support the high potential (voltage) magnetic component, while part of the flow is destroyed on the material lattice and is transformed into electrons, around which the MFL is twisted.

On the MGA-based Electric Power Multiplier (https://youtu.be/N447flDIb28 also explanations – https://neutronscience.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/ELECTRIC-CAPACITY-MULTIPLIER.pdf,

also additional the author’s explanations – https://neutronscience.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/AUTHORS-COMMENT-TO-THE-VIDEO.pdf) with external excitation from the city power grid, we received direct current, but we noticed that the plate reproduces the shape of a sinusoid quite well. After modifying the MGA, we managed to get an alternating current at the output so as not to use powerful inverters for converting direct current to alternating current.

However, the low-power inverter had to be left to set the frequency and shape of the alternating current. The power of such an inverter is tenths of the rated power of the MGA.

Neutron sciences (https://neutronscience.com.ua/books/)  have seriously outstripped official science and this has become our misfortune, as investors turn to scientific consultants to give an opinion on our business project, and they have not a single bright thought in their heads on this issue, tk. Due to lack of money, I did not have time to write textbooks on neutron sciences.

We have already lost about 10 years, but humanity can lose much more, especially in the field of ecology and conservation of natural resources in the production of electricity. The project requires $ 70 million.

Valery Andrus



06 August 2021