Hello dear sirs! From the standpoint of new fundamental neutron sciences (hereinafter “NS” (physics, chemistry, astrophysics), we have a magnetic Universe!

A little about gravity. Newton spoke about active and passive masses, without giving them a definition.

Numerous space experiments have shown that asteroids stubbornly do not want to attract specially calculated markers, and they move along their routes.

From which it follows that mass does not attract mass, and asteroids are passive masses.

From the standpoint of NS, active masses are physical objects that have electrically conductive magma and an electric magnetic field, for example, our Earth.

According to the concepts of NS, gravity is the pressing by the gravitational flow in the form of pieces of magnetic field lines (hereinafter – “MLF”) (chains of gravitons) of positive matter, consisting of chemical elements in the form of 6 and 8-terminal hedgehogs (according to NS).

Antimatter is light in the form of needles of chemical elements, electrons (according to concepts NS), gamma radiation and other carriers.

The primary magnetic element is a structural unit (SU), which is part of the needles of chemical elements and energy carriers (mainly antimatter).

Chemical bonds are also magnetic.

Gravitons are formed on the surfaces of solids and are detached from them when the free needle of the chemical element binds ionically to the molecules of the surrounding gas and, falling into the gravitational flow, is directed to the electromagnetic magma.


A needle with gas molecules is the electric charge of an electron, an alpha particle.

The electron is a transformer of the graviton.

Mendeleev was looking for the chemical element of the ether, other scientists were looking for a connection between the ether and gravity, and Tesla believed that the ether is the carrier of electricity.

All these requirements are met by the gravitational flow of the Earth’s electromagnet, only the carrier of the ether is the graviton – it is a heavy ionic molecule in the form of a “rocket”, consisting of dozens of chemical elements.

MLF around conductors with current tend to squeeze into its lattice, while gravitons break into an alpha particle-charge and a gamma particle – this is antimatter (light), which are directed in the same direction in the conductor’s magnetic pipe, but have different speeds.

A gamma particle has a speed 5 times higher than an alpha particle (slow electron), as a result of which it quickly attaches to it, creating an ordinary electron with a stable structure – a graviton transformer.

Our Sun also has an electromagnet and an electrically conductive magma, from which it follows that the Universe is ruled not by constants, but by principles.


Valery Andrus