Recommendations for the treatment of radioactive water in Fukushima and Chernobyl

Topic: Recommendations for the treatment of radioactive water in Fukushima and Chernobyl.

To the government of Japan.

 Prime Minister Shinzō Abe.

 Article by V. Andrus.

 Recommendations from Japan, where to get radioactive water from Fukushima.

 Short.  I am the author of new fundamental sciences ( Neutron Physics, Neutron Chemistry, Neutron Astrophysics.  He developed an electric reactor on a chain reaction ERCR-50 with a thermal power of 50 MW without using nuclear fuel, as well as a new type of Material energy without the use of machines and mechanisms – these are Molecular Generators of Andrus – MGA (, ).

 From the point of view of the Neutron Sciences, the Government of Japan must act as follows, proceeding from the fact that particles of radioactive substances pose a long-term danger, and alpha, beta, gamma radiation is dangerous only at its high density:

 1.  To hold particles of a radioactive substance when pumping contaminated water, preferably in membrane filters, which are used in the preparation of drinking water from sea water.  In Japan, this should be in all services of municipal water utilities.

 2.  Water that is devoid of radionuclides, after passing through membrane filters, is mixed with ocean water to a state of sanitary irradiation of 30 microroentgen μRP / hour, after which the water is completely harmless.

 Thus, the dry residue is separated from contaminated water, with which they know what to do in nuclear energy, and diluted water is just warm water, which is cooled by the addition of fresh cold sea water.

 Radiation alpha, beta, gamma are thermal energy carriers according to the Neutron Sciences, which are dangerous for living organisms and people only at their high density.  All organisms on Earth have been adapted to irradiation up to 30 microroentgen μRP / hour  from the very beginning from the beginning of its origin.  Additive of fresh sea water can be produced in front of membrane filters.

 This is a very simple and most important continuous technology for disinfecting radioactive waters at Fukushima.  Membrane filters for obtaining fresh water from the sea are definitely in America.  I don’t remember which states.  This applies to urban water supply.


 Membrane filters on water channels retain the molecules of the dissolved NaCl salt, which are 10 times smaller than the molecules of uranium oxides UO2 and others, from which the fuel rod tablets of atomic reactors are made (according to Neutron Sciences).  To reduce the cost of the process, the number of membranes in the filter pipe must be set to a minimum so that desalination is not more than 10-15% of the original marine.

 I wish you success in protecting the environment.  If you have questions, ask, do not be shy.

 Valery Andrus, Director of Science, BSA LLC, Ukraine,