Electricity generation – what is this process?

Wikipedia: “Electricity generation is the process of generating electricity from primary energy sources.”  As you can see, in one word the others are replaced, but in the sense there is no mechanism of phenomena.

  We present a closed DC electric circuit consisting of a DC generator (left) and a light bulb (right) connected by two wires.  At the bottom of the generator we will have a plus (low voltage potential).  It is established that the electric current has a constant value.  Due to the fact that the work in the lamp is performed using the magnetic component of the electric current, this is a high and low voltage potential.  Thus, generation is a recovery process.

  What does the process of restoring the magnetic component of the electric current look like?  Natural phenomena cannot find the source of the magnetic component of the electric current.  The substance of the magnetic field lines (MSL) of the Earth and other magnets cannot have real material consequences.  Conclusion: official science cannot give an answer to the question that it should engage in verbiage, in other words, deception.

  Where does this deception begin?  In this case, the electronic system is positioned as an elementary part (the question is where the elemental part can be charged from).  Electronics is a complex molecule consisting of dozens of people (see ABC of matter (briefly) (https://neutronscience.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/The-ABC-of-matter-briefly..pdf).

  There are basic chemicals, for example, iron, which you have on free surface gas, in which dozens of light gas gases are the electric charge of an electron of energy carriers that destroy the skin, i.e.  Due to the fact that an electron is a complex molecule, an electric current is a stream of molecular structures.  There are dozens of types of electrons, both in terms of the basic chemical element and in charge from different gases.  We decided on the first deception.

  We turn to the magnetic component, the second deception.  According to official science, gravity is the mutual attraction of the masses.  Again a lie!  All this cannot prove that this statement is true.  In fact, gravity is an electromagnetic phenomenon.  A planet has gravity if there is a layer of molten electrically conductive magnesium in its crust – these are the so-called even Newton’s active masses, which have huge electric fields and magnetic fields, for example, near the Earth.  The Earth’s magnetic field consists of rotating MSLs, partially connected by chemical bonds such as magnetic Velcro, which uniquely determine the magnetic field as an elastic body.  When the Earth rotates, the magnetic field is constantly destroyed under the influence of the “solar wind”, which leads to a partial rupture of the chemical bond and a partial damage to the MSL (rupture into pieces).  Pieces of MSL are directly directed to the electric flow of magnesium in the Earth’s crust, creating a gravitational flow that presses (does not attract) the chemical elements of the gas and crystal lattices of bodies and liquids in one direction.  For example, when cars go uphill or gravitational flows are at an angle to the surface of the Earth.  MSLs are composed of gravitons.  Graviton is a “father”, and an electron, and is born on the surface of bodies, liquids and gases.  , Graviton turns into an electron when a needle-charge changes the magnetic poles in its structure (for example, when MSL is pressed into a conductor).  In terms of components, these are absolutely identical structures.  From this it follows that gravity is also a complex molecule, pieces of MSL tens and hundreds of times more complex molecules.  MSL pieces are the desired magnetic component of the electric current.  In the generator with an electric current of the transverse MSL, the magnetic poles forming magnetic “wedges”, in which the MSL particles are captured by the gravitational flow in the MSL electric current installation, which restore the magnetic component.  “The Andrus molecular generator – MGA” (https://neutronscience.com.ua/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Biznes-plan-MGA-2018-eng.pdf).

  The generation of electrical energy is the permanent restoration of magnetic components using a magnetic polar generator.

  V.F.  Andrushttps://neutronscience.com.ua/ru/books/